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The main application of industrial robots occurs in mass production. Robots are able to instantaneously “learn” new processes, they automate repetitive tasks, reduce margins of error to negligible rates, and enable human workers to focus on more productive areas. Robotic automation solutions could significantly enhance productivity and improve product quality. Companies that get new and improved products to the market faster than competitors gain a big competitive edge. Thanks to our extensive experience and our team of qualified engineers we are your strong partner in the field of automation. We provide cost-effective solutions and custom robotic automation systems for industries of all types. We simplify your work decisively - from small standalone systems up to large integrated processes utilizing the latest safety technologies available. We stand behind our work. We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the quality of our robotic automation systems.

We deliver complete solutions for robotic systems - from concept to mass production.

Cobots, or collaborative robots, give manufacturers access to all the benefits of advanced robotic automation. They intended to interact with humans in a shared space and to work safely in close proximity. Cobots stand in contrast to traditional industrial robots which are designed to work autonomously with safety assured by isolation from human contact. Cobot safety may rely on lightweight construction materials, rounded edges, and limits on speed or force. Cobots can have many roles and can perform a variety of functions. They are equipped with cameras and visual processing technologies.
The idea of building a smart cell is the future of production lines (Convertible Factory). Artec Robotics offers customized robotic workcells of our own design that meet all your production needs and requirements. Our engineers and designers determine the most appropriate components needed to create the most efficient system. The custom modules can include new or used components based on your needs and budget. Predesigned workcells will give you the competitive edge you need to meet your production needs. ART-CELLs can be easily adapted and applied to any industry and production. These high-tech modules are cost-effective way to automate production process while reducing production time, increasing manufacturing flexibility, eliminating human error. The Convertible Factory can be quickly reequipped to manufacture new articles. The future production lines can be built in modules and quickly assembled for tasks. Productivity and efficiency will be improved. Individualized products can be produced in small quantities at affordable prices. ART-CELLs are the best solution for autonomous production. 

We also offer workstations for educational use where students or employees can learn how to operate industrial robots in a safe environment.
Offline programming (OLP) is an important technological advancement for industrial robots and practically for all industries. Using simulation software, it is possible to digitally recreate robots, tools, fixtures, and the entire cell, then define a program complete with motions, tool commands, and logic. That program can be processed and downloaded to the robot, similar to the process of programming any CNC machine with CAM software. OLP has become an essential part of planning and designing an industrial robot system to eliminate the time it takes to program a robot point by point. OLP software is used by a wide range of manufacturers when implementing industrial robot systems, helping contribute to more productive processes. Even minor changes can lead to hours of reprogramming. Simulation and offline programming go hand in hand. Oftentimes, the terms are used interchangeably. But there is a difference. You can have simulation without offline programming, but you cannot have offline programming without simulation. Offline programming is possible for all our automation solutions. The 3D simulation software visualizes the production cycle process and time. Process simulate enables the verification of different segments of the manufacturing process. Assembly processes, human operations, welding, continuous processes such as laser welding and gluing can be simulated in the same environment, allowing for simulation of virtual production zones. The simulation emulates realistic human behavior, robotic controllers and PLC logic.
An increasingly competitive world market demands new strategies that strengthen the future production systems. The concepts of virtual manufacturing have been adopted by most of the industrial companies, including the small and medium ones, to face the global competition and deal with the top challenges of manufacturing industry, i.e. improving the quality, reducing the delivery time and decreasing the costs. We at Artek Robotics fully understand that the new generation factories bring more competitiveness to the manufacturing companies through innovative approaches, methods and tools that support the factory planning process. The concept of “factory as a product” perceives the factory as a complex long life product introducing design advantages for factory planning and optimization, seeking to improve quality, reduce ramp-up, product delivery and overall reduce time and costs. In order to attain these objectives, there is a need for a Virtual Factory Framework to structure the new generation factories. The use of a virtual manufacturing processes simulation software allows the selection of the most appropriate equipment and the optimal factory layout. The virtual simulation improves the factory process planning, optimizes complex dynamic factory behavior and offers the most accurate predictions about the impact of the various changes in the production system. 
Our end-to-end solution aims to help our clients realize projects and solve specific business challenges. Robotics is a complex intersection of specialist fields, from mechanical to software. Whether your business is facing opportunities or threats, our engineers bring together skills and experience from the broad range of areas needed to deliver bespoke solutions. We determine the activities most susceptible to automation, ensuring that the investment offers the highest return. Our clients, ranging from large multinationals to innovative start-ups, trust us to solve their most critical, high-risk challenges. We can help you improve your manufacturing processes and lower your production and quality costs by providing you pragmatic, cost-effective and forward-thinking advice. With robotics in greater use today than ever, manufacturers increasingly need to embrace automation to stay competitive. We build turnkey industrial systems. If a task is dangerous, dirty, boring, or you just don't have the strength and can't find the right person for the job, automation should be your priority. Before you invest into a robot solution contact us for a feasibility study and to discuss your project and specifications. With the right advice you will discover the most suitable automation solution and become more competitive, more effective, and connect more deeply with your product and your customers.

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